Straight Noodle Production Line manufacturers

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Straight Noodle Production Line manufacturers

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Dumpling Wrapper Production Line
*Modularized design, Integral structure, easy to assemble and operate.
*The whole line is managed by advanced controlling theory with high-performance PLC and speed driver. Stable performance and high level of automation.
*High-precision digital processing ensures the mechanical performance attains the best within the scope of design.
*The cover and the bucket are made of stainless steel, which meets up with the standards of food sanitation and makes the whole machine beautiful, clean and easy to clean up.
*The leading function of date statistics and the universal network extension interface can provide real-time and accurate database for the enterprise ERP systems.

Introduction Of Dumpling Wrapper Production Line
Before continuous rolling machine, the process equipment is the same as the frying noodle production line, also consist of folding machine and cutting machine. With the characteristics of special technology, novel structure, reasonable design, stable operation, safety, convenient maintenance and so on. Per shift is 4 to 12 tons. Roller width is 300 to 800 mm. The size can customized by customer.
Aging Machine
*Aging machine is commonly called waking the flour, which improves the processing properties of dough by means of time lapse.
*To permeate water into the interior of protein colloid particles and absorb water expansion, forming a network gluten. In fact, this is continue the process of flour mixing
*Eliminate the inner stress of dough that make the structure of dough stabilization.
*Achieve the automatic regulation function of water between protein and starch that homogeneous.
About Our Company
Broadyea® who is specialized in food machinery manufacture by S&D、 production、sales、after-sales service about more than 20 years, and our productions are exported to USA, Brazil, Roumania, Southeast of Asia and many other countries. Our target is to be satisfy at all times the needs of our customers by pragmatic and enterprising to become one of the best food machinery manufacturer. We have a team of great experienced design engineers and manufacture technicians, which forms a rounded management system of rules and process. Over the years has been committed to research the production about high and new. After unremitting effort, our main products are as followings:
Instant noodle production line;
Frying noodle production line;
Drying noodle production line;
Function noodle production line;
International Partners
Cooperate with several famous international electric automation companies ensure the industrial advantage and global service quality.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement
24-hour service hotline
Customer satisfaction survey, correction and preventive measures
Good reputation and high quality Straight Noodle Production Line manufacturers

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